Sunday, June 5, 2011

~thinking of sumething~

at the age of 24...i started to think bout the future
am i ready to have a commitment: means new relation:..
maybe i have to think about it over and over again after what happen to me...
life is not cruel, but people do that violence.
God never let u far, but u keep God far from u. (including me)

future: what will happen next..
who knows? nobody knows...
i cant even think about it coz that could not be reach by the normal brain.
only ALLAH know, the best for His servant.

if we are not mean for each other, separate us, without hating each other
but if there is a fate between us, please make us close with each other and please treat oour heart and feling, so we could built a new happy moment again: together..

~~i'm trying my best to be a growing up matured girl~~

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